The Master Answers (TMA)

TMA is the collection of various answers replied by various Masters, Saints or Sages.

Below are the collection of answers replied by Masters when asked by people like us

Question: Master, sometimes our mind just runs away from this duty of regularity and punctuality and there is a sense of guilt in not having put our meditation first in our lives.

Answer: Naturally. We all try to be regular and punctual in our other daily activities. When you tell somebody you will meet him at a particular time and uou are late, you feel guilty. You say, "I'm sorry I'm late", because you feel you have not been able to honour the appointment which you have made. We should also honour the commitment which we have made with the Father, that we have a certain time to attend to meditation. We have to sit, whether our mind is still or not. Whether we have to fight with the mind or not is a different problem, but we have made a certain commitment with the Father, and we should try to honour it by giving our time to the Father at that particular time.


Question: Is is possible to change your destiny through meditation?

Answer: You can't change the main course of your destiny but you can eliminate some of the effects of the destiny by meditation. At least you'll get the strength to face your destiny without losing your balance. You will face all those karmas smilingly and cheerfully. But you have got to go through your destiny. The pain may be eliminated to some extent.


Question: Does the Master ever give a disciple advice in dreams?

Answers: It is a very risky things to try to find meanings in those dreams. It's better to ignore them. Happy dreams means happy dreams. Don't try to give any meaning to them or try to anayse them.


Question: When confronted by angry people, is it wrong just to walk away?

Answer: Well, brother, as Christ has told us, if anybody calls us a fool, if anybody is angry with us, we should lovingly respond to him. We shouldn't become like him. We should not lose our own temper. We should be good and kind loving to him. Don't worry what the other person says.


Question: What is repentance? How can a man repent?

Answer: Repentance is to be sorry for what you have already done and not to reoeat that mistake again. But once we take this birth, we have absolutely forgotten what we have done in the past life, and we cannot feel sorry for what we don't know. The past is absolutely blank to us. In the Spiritual sense, repentance is meditation. Meditation makes you really repent for what you have done in the past and helps you not to repeat those mistakes again. That in turn helps you to obtain forgiveness from the Father. His grace helps you not to repeat those mistakes again which might pull us back to this world.


Question: Is there a link between the initiate and the Master?

Answer: Yes, as you have read in Bibel, Christ has referred to it somewhere by saying that I have been sent by the Father and I have been sent only to collect those whom He has marked. I have just come to collect my sheep and take them back to the Father. Every saint is sent into this world for particular souls -- allotted souls, and those souls alone will come to him. They alone will have faith in him. They alone will be receptive to his teachings. They alone will practise meditation and go back to the Father. So it is always with the Grace of the Father that a disciple is drawn to the Master.

The above answers were answered by Maharaj Charan Singh Ji. In future more questions and answers from other Masters, Saints or Sages will be added.