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Death is not the extinguishing of the light, But the blowing out of the candle because the dawn has come. – Rabindranath Tagore, as quoted in The Wisdom of the Hindu Gurus.

Death begins with the life’s first breath. The moment a man is born, his cradle has moved closer to the tomb. What profound thoughts! Daily, man marches closer to the grave but lives in the mistaken belief that death is for others and he has been exempted from it. In the midst of life, we witness death knocking on every door. The siren of the ambulance howling its way through traffic, the cemeteries we frequently pass by and yet pretend that they do not exist, the obituary announcements found in the daily newspapers all subtly remind us that we, too, will be engulfed by the clutches of death. No ordinary individual, not even the most intellectual, has the capacity to know when that exact moment will strike, but death’s visit is certain and no man can escape from it. At the time of the death, every man is reduced to the same rank, whether rich or poor, young or old, healthy or feeble. Death does not distinguish age limits and is biased to none.

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Four Things Are Necessary In Love

  1. No other idea should creep into the mind except that of the beloved.
  2. The question of bargaining or give and take should not arise.
  3. All types of fear should be removed.
  4. The lover should not be in the state of enmity or hate with anyone.
Such persons are never disappointed or lose hope. Their Beloved (Satguru) is always by their side.
Actually, anyone who possesses love in any form and has even a particle of love in them is worthy to be called a human. This is the touchstone by which we may be judged. We are worthy to be called a human being to the degree in which we have the quality of love in us. If we do not possess the spark of love, we are very far from being called a human being. Great Master continues:

Qualities Awakened Through Love

  1. Destruction of Ego.  Another name for love is the continuous remembrance. By remembering the beloved continuously, attachment and love for him are awakened within and the ego or self is destroyed.
  2. Love only gives, and takes nothing. Love is selfless. Generally, people worship God with some ulterior motive, and they ask for worldly blessings. Only a rare few worship God for the sake of God alone. Those who demand things of the world from Him will get their worldly desires fulfilled, but God will not meet them. To ask for worldly benefits from Him is like asking for farthings from an Emperor.
  3. Love brings fearlessness and courage to a high order. The first sign of true love is that a lover becomes free from fear. Even a delicate woman will be prepared to attack a tiger if she sees her children in danger.
  4. Love has a force which imparts the increased power of endurance to the lover and makes him capable of enduring pain. Love is a force greater than any other. Love is energy, which gives power to life.
  5. Love comprises service, sacrifice, and true subjugation of the mind. People try to control passion, anger, greed, attachment, and pride. That is not an easy job, but through true love, they are all completely toned down.
  6. All things become easy in the presence of love. A person under the influence of love performs the most difficult tasks with comparative ease. He never complains about his inability to do any work because he considers himself to be capable of doing every type of work in the atmosphere of his love. “ He does much who loves much”.
  7. A lover pays no heed to public opinion or his own high position. In true love, all such feelings vanish. The idea of high or low birth also disappears. Hafiz says, “We do not care for public opinion, nor praise”.
  8. Love brings the lover the quality of concealing the bad qualities of others. Love hides all evils and bad things. His attention never turns to the faults or defects of anyone in this world. Why then should he criticize or talk ill of anyone? Criticism is the outcome of the absence of love.
  9. Lovers are always awakened by the love, and love’s power remains constant. In love, there is unique oneness, happiness, comfort, and fulfillment. Through love, one is able to benefit his own self and also his family. When the mind is filled with love, the ego is destroyed; fear, worry, and transmigration of the soul are ended.
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Baba Jaimal Singh Ji says in Spiritual Letters: “Attend to your Bhajan and Simran every day and do not feel disturbed in the time of distress, or elated in happiness. Look upon everything as ‘Mauj’. Whatever comes from Radha Soami Din Dayal and whatever will come will be our ultimate benefit. Keep an inner love and longing for Shabd Dhun, be it night or day. And attend to your worldly duties with your hands and feet. Be happy, no matter what comes. Whatever pleases Hazur Radha Soami must be good.”

The three marks of existence as described by Buddha are the impermanence of all experience, the unsatisfactory nature of life in this physical world and the absence of a permanent self. Here I want to talk about Buddhism and about stuff related to Buddha and his teachings. The purpose of meditation, in this tradition, is to break through the illusions that limit our lives and to experience, first-hand, and the true nature of our existence. If we make a list of teachings of modern Buddhism then it would be like this in the ten points below.

  1. Choose one meditation practice and stick with it.
  2. Meditate every day.
  3. Any situation is workable.
  4. Practice patience.
  5. Free your mind.
  6. Cool the fire of emotions.
  7. Have fun along the way.
  8. Simplify.
  9. Cultivate the spirit of blessings.
  10. It’s a circular journey.
There are lots of sufferings in our life. So why don’t you start meditating from now?

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What is Divine Mystery of Love?

And what is the divine mystery of love of a disciple for his Master? It is one of the mist absorbing themes of discipleship. It is something without a parallel in the ordinary walks of life. What is it? How can it be explained? What is the mystery of the holy bond which makes men and women even in the hours of death utterly forget all earthly ties and cling to the Master alone? Fortunately, this is one theme upon which this disciple can speak from experience, although he is well aware, perhaps because of that experience itself, that he can never give adequate expression to this theme.

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