Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Nepal

What does SEO in Nepal means?

Search engine optimization or SEO (in Nepal) helps you boost search engine rankings and improve the visibility of your website in Nepal.

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I have further divided the SEO in Nepal into the followings so that it could be easy for you to understand and learn optimizing for search engines easily.


Building SEO Friendly Website

In this section we will learn about a search engine friendly website and tips on how to build it. Before we learn this we need to learn terms like: Search Engine, Meta Tags, etc. Don't worry yet. We will get into this in this section.


SEO on WordPress Blogs

Wordpress is one of the popular blogging platform in Nepal. Since many bloggers are ingaged into Wordpress Blog, I have written few technique that can uplift your WordPress Blog's search engine's position to a whole new level.


Social Media and SEO

In this section, we will learn how to make a right usage of Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc and optimized your website or blog.


Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tool, Bing Webmaster Tool, Yahoo Webmaster Tools and lots of Webmaster Tools will help your boost your website's visibility. We will learn about Alexa and others too.


Google Analytics

Analytics from Google is one of the popular analytical site among most of the website owners or bloggers. Here we will learn to make the best use of Google Analytics.


SEO Services

There are various websites and companies in Nepal that provides SEO Services. But, I think for SEO you don't need any agreement wih companies unless you know something about SEO itself. Now we will learn the rest of the SEO Services in this section.


Why SEO in Nepal is essential part of web?

Many new websites are added each day on the web world. There are lots of websites incresing in Nepal too. While more and more websites or blog are appearing on search engine's results, your website or blog might be disappearing in the same manner. So to maintain your position on various search engines like Google, Yahoo,etc you need to maintain a good SEO. Having a good SEO in Nepal can help your business or product make a great showing in search results and hence increase in productivity and profit..


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यो गाइडले बिशेष गरी नयाँ ब्लगर्सका (newbie) लागि आफ्नो ब्लग कसरी सेट-अप गर्न सकिन्छ भन्ने कुरा सिकाउछ।

खोज इन्जिन अनुकूलित (SEO) गर्ने

Search engine optimization or SEO (in Nepal) helps you boost search engine rankings and improve the visibility of your website in Nepal.

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