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While you build a website you may need to learn about various hosting related terms like: Hosting Server TypesServer ConfigurationServer SpeedServer SecurityFile Transfer Protocol (FTP)Managing Servers, Website Related Terms, etc.

Hosting Server Types

Several different types of web hosting servers in Nepal are avilable for you to host your website or blog on the Internet. When we talk about Shared Web Hosting in Nepal, many Nepalese websites are host in the same server which is the cheapest web hosting in Nepal and is recommeded for newly created websites that have less traffic. A Dedicated Server can be used after the website or blog gains more traffic or visitirs. This type of professional web server usually handels only one website and the owner needs to know more about networking tools and skills too. But it is quite expensive as compared to other Hosting Server Types but has bulk disk space and also can handel a large amounts of traffic. Usually a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is used in Nepal (sometimes also called as nodes) as it is more flexible in the sense that when the website traffic increases, the nodes can be increased to handel it accordingly.

Server Configuration

It includes the terms like Web Space (storage), bandwith and RAM. Storage or web space means the storage capability of the website or blog. Bandwith is the amount of website visitors or traffic. RAM or Random Access Memory is just memory of the server like the one your computer has but it's usually a big one which handles JavaScript files and Personal Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) programming language files,etc that are used in creating dynamic websites.

Server Speed

The website speed refers to the server’s ability to respond to visitors’ requests by clicking links or loading pages. When visitors come to your website and find it loads slowly, they may leave and never visit again, unlike the fast websites. The server loading speed affects the visitors as well as the search engines that crawl your website to index its content. The search crawlers index the website content in a short period of time that can reach seconds. If your server is responding slowly to the search engine crawlers requests, the crawlers will leave the website without crawling all the pages. You can learn more about the server speed by reading customer reviews and feedback.

Server Security

Many new website owners do not give much focus to the website security issue, which can put them at risk of website hacking and malware scripts, which can infect your website and redirect traffic to other suspicious sites. The first important step in securing your website is to choose a secured server. While it is important to secure your website through using strong passwords, you need to make sure that the server is secure enough to prevent attacks on your website by applying methods such as a firewall that prevent malware attacks from reaching your website. You can learn more about the server security by reading customer reviews.

File Transfer Protocol

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is the technology you will need to upload the files to the server and access the server folders and files. You can use different programs to use this service, such as FireFTP and FileZilla. To access the server FTP, you should have an FTP URL, which will direct you to the FTP folder on the server, and the FTP username and password. You can create an FTP account from the server control panel or ask customer support to create one for your site. Usually, the FTP allows you to access a specific directory or the main folder of the server, which includes the website files, also known as the root folder. There are many names for the root folder, such as public_html and home. The root name can change depending on the type of server control panel.

Managing Servers

To help you control your website server, the hosting server gives you a control panel, where you can create e-mails, and a database, which saves website information and content. You can also control different FTP accounts. One of the commonly used control panels is the cPanel, which is a web hosting control panel with a graphical interface and tools to make web server management easier. Plesk is another web hosting control panel that allows administrators to set up new websites, mail accounts, and more. In addition to the control panel, each server will have an operating system, which is the core system that runs the server. Most servers are either Linux based or Windows based. Some server packages allow you to add more than one website account on the same server, which is known as the reseller package.

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